Write A Book
They Can’t Put Down

We lead you through every stage: from concept to selling thousands of books.

Our Process

Our recipe for a world changing book includes five key elements.


Get Clear

Develop your clear, salable concept, draft an outline, and determine how you will leverage your book to attain your biggest goals.


Raise Visibility

Get PR, speaking gigs, and use other strategies to boost your value to literary agents and publishers.



Dive into the content development process with your ghostwriter or coach to write your manuscript and book proposal.


Get Published

Receive introductions to literary agents in our network and guidance as you move through the process of closing your book deal.


Sell Thousands of Books

Get a strategic plan (with execution) that enables you to sell thousands of books as you grow your business.

Book Course

How to Write a Book That Sells YOU

Learn how to become a published author with Robin Colucci’s guide, “How to Write a Book That Sells YOU.” This book is a game-changer for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs. It offers expert advice on overcoming obstacles and mastering the art of writing an informative, entertaining book. Transform your leading-edge ideas into a compelling book that not only excites your target audience but also amplifies your professional impact.

Be Clear

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity and mystery of the publishing world? Have a powerful message but are unsure how to get it down on paper? Let world-renowned author and book coach Robin Colucci help you gain the clarity you need. She’ll cut through the confusion and help you map out a concept that can excite literary agents and publishers and change lives. By the end of one intense day, you’ll walk away with a well-defined concept, an outline for your book, and a foolproof strategy to move from blank page, to printed word, to a world of readers.

What’s included:
  • Clear Concept: No more spitballing ideas—we’ll help you craft a salable concept for a book people will want to read
  • Book Outline: Identify key ideas and plan each chapter for a smooth writing journey
  • Author Visibility Assessment: See where you are in terms of readiness for a book deal and get our recommendations
  • A Plan for ROI : Get a customized plan to leverage every effort you make for your book so it pays you back in ROI for your business or primary concern
What’s included:
  • Everything in Be Clear, plus your coach or ghostwriter also will be present for your VIP day
  • Expert Book Writing Help: Choose either manuscript coaching or ghostwriting with one of our professional writers
  • Proposal Perfection: We will craft a book proposal that excites literary agents and publishers
  • Agent Introductions: Skip the queue and step directly into the industry’s inner circle

Be a Published Author

Do you have the expertise but lack the ability to translate it into a mass market book? Robin Colucci and her team are here to turn your aspirations into reality with our “Be a Published Author” package. Start with an immersive day-long session to clarify your concept and outline, and strategize how you will extract the maximum value of having a book. Then, leverage our 100% track record* of placing projects with agents and publishers to ensure your manuscript isn’t just written—it’s published, profitable, and in the hands of your ideal readers and future clients.

*Includes solely our clients who completed the process and followed our instructions.

Be World Changing

It’s hard to have a world changing book if no one reads it. The “Be World Changing” package will help you not just publish a book but amplify your visibility and/or help you sell thousands of books. Over the past 2 decades, we’ve helped authors become industry leaders, and add over $500 million in revenue and value to their businesses. With our two tiered visibility and book sales strategies, our trusted providers can help you land speaking gigs, media appearances, grow your social media, develop a branded website, build and launch a course, and much, much more. With these services, your book doesn’t just get done; it can start a movement.

What’s included:
  • Everything in Be Clear
  • Everything in Be a Published Author, plus:
  • Increase Visibility: Let’s not just publish a book; let’s build your audience with customized services to grow your visibility where your only role is to be the talent
  • Sell 1000s of Books: We apply time tested strategies in these done-for-you processes to help you sell thousands of books