100% Success Continues through 2023 at World Changing Books

We are excited to say that our 100% success rate with our clients continued through 2023!

So far, every client who came to us for help getting a book deal has gone on to get signed by a literary agent who has sold their book to a traditional publisher, or we have helped connect them directly to a traditional house, or to a truly selective hybrid. Of course, we also have a few that are in the hunt (or negotiations) right now.*

And with all that success, it’s also been a busy couple of years here at World Changing Books…

In case you missed it, on December 1st, 2023, R Colucci LLC officially became World Changing Books! Along with the rebrand, we were also thrilled to announce new services for our clients. We have enrolled a select few trusted providers, so we can offer customized, white glove support in building our clients’ visibility and author platforms and even helping them with book sales!  (To learn more, go here.)

We’ve been so busy that we forgot to put together a “Year in Review” for 2022! So we’re giving you the update on both 2022 and 2023 in one shot!

Here’s the breakdown for the past 2 years of client successes!



In 2022 and 2023, we had 21 projects come to various stages of fruition.

  • 11 new books were published
  • 5 books sold and are on deck for publication
  • 5 clients signed with agents and are in various stages of pitching and negotiating the sale of their book.

Books That Were Published

Clients Whose Books Sold (but aren’t out yet)

We connected several of our book-proposal and book-writing clients with literary agents who have sold their books, and their publication dates are nigh. Many are slated to hit the shelves this Spring!

  • In January 2022, Deborah Hines signed with Sterling Lord Literistic to represent her book Get Off My Neck, about how the U.S. criminal justice system systematically targets Black people, and ways to fix it. It sold to MIT Press later that year, and will be released in March of 2024.
  • Sarah Dusek signed with the Linda Konnor Agency in February 2022, and in January, 2023 sold her book Thinking Bigger: A Pitch Deck Formula for Women Entrepreneurs Who Want to Change the World, to Georgetown University Press. It will be available for presale on April 1st and is scheduled for publication on October 1st.
  • In September 2023, Valentina Fomenko signed directly with Business Expert Press (BEP) for her upcoming book, Good for Business: How to Respond to Climate Change without Sacrificing Profit and Growth.
  • Dr. Sulman Ahmed, DMD signed directly with Matt Holt books in October 2023 for his upcoming title: Make Them Smile: Why Customer Satisfaction is the Key to Rapid and Sustainable Growth. Sulman’s book is on the fast track and is slated for publication April 2024.
  • Charlie Camarda signed directly with Headline Books Inc. in October 2023 for his title, Culture Crash: Why Great Organizations Fail and What to Do About It.

Clients Who Signed with Agents

Some of our clients signed with agents we introduced them to, and are either gearing up to pitch, in the hunt for offers, or negotiating with a publisher as we write this!

  • Dr. Lou Ignarro signed with Park & Fine Literary Management to represent him for his second book about the benefits of Nitric Oxide.
  • David Johnson also signed with Park & Fine Literary Management to represent him in the sale of his book about activism and how to reclaim our power using principles from design theory.
  • Ben Schwegler signed with Mark Creative Management to represent his book about how human consciousness came to be and how it will determine our future.
  • Kristel Bauer signed with the Linda Konner Agency to represent her book on the importance of adopting a new model for optimal work-life balance.
  • Susan Kilrain signed with the Linda Konner Agency for her book on how women can break through gender barriers to thrive in male dominated fields.

Congratulations to all our phenomenal clients and their many milestones.

Stay tuned to see what 2024 holds for World Changing Books!

*100% success rate includes solely our clients who completed the process and followed our instructions.