Are You Ready to Write a High Profit Book?

How do you know you’re ready to write and publish your high profit book?

Take it from someone who’s done both, writing a book is like having a kid. You put a lot into creating it, but the real work begins once it’s out. Like having a kid, there’s no perfect time, but here are some things you can consider.

5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Write a high profit Book

  • Do I have a deep understanding of the material?

    You can start writing a book before you know a topic, but it’s a hard road. You’re better off picking a topic that you already know a lot about and using the book writing process to learn even more. Most experts who set out to write a nonfiction book already have a lot of knowledge about the subject matter before they begin to write. This provides an opportunity to share your unique insight with the world and refine your point of view.

  • How urgent is it to get this information out in a book?

    If you feel the book can wait, either you’re not that passionate about the topic, or you’ve got other stuff going on right now that feels more important. If you don’t feel any urgency about writing the book now, it’s probably better to wait until the urgency appears. It takes a lot of work to write a full-length manuscript, and urgency fuels the fire that gives you that extra internal push you need to get it done.

  • Is this something I’d be excited to lead a conversation about for at least the next 5 years?
  • Answering this question is a great way to sort out the flash-in-the-pan “cool ideas” from the powerful, must communicate ideas that go into a book of substance with a long shelf life. If you find it easy NOT to talk about the subject matter you would put in a book, don’t write it until you find something you feel passionate about sharing.
  • What will I do with the book once it’s out?

    This is one of the most important, yet least asked questions of aspiring authors. If you have no idea what you’d do with your book, you’re not ready to write it yet. Think about how you’d use your book to grow your brand or business, further your mission, or enrich your cause. If you can’t see anything beyond holding your book and thinking, “Wow! I’m an author!” You have more groundwork to do before you move into writing and publishing.

  • Are you open to critique and collaboration?

    Nobody writes a book in a vacuum. Everyone, and I mean even the world’s best writers, needs help to write a readable book. This means you need to be able to set your ego aside, take critique and suggestions from quality editors, be open to others’ ideas, and accept that you have much to learn. Humility and curiosity are your faithful friends. Bring these two on your journey, and you will find writing a book to be rewarding on all levels.

The Bottom Line is This:

There is no perfect time to write a book, but there are ways to know if it’s the right time.