Best Book Promotion Tips

“What are the best book promotion tips?” It’s a common question, but not an easy one to answer. One of the great mysteries in publishing is how to get a book to sell. Even Big 5 publishers have yet to decode the perfect formula.

Most first time authors have no idea where or how to start promoting their book. Even authors on their second, third, and fourth books struggle with it! But it doesn’t have to be something that you dread. 

Since I started The Author’s Corner podcast, I’ve interviewed many experts on the most effective book promotion strategies. Here’s a shortlist of 5 episodes I’ve handpicked for their insightful and innovative tips. 

Season 1, Episode #1: Get Your Message Right: Keeping it Clear and Focused for All Platforms with Jill Lublin

This was a fun one, and what a way to launch! Jill is a public relations expert, bestselling author, and a longtime friend of mine. In this episode, she shares some great insights on how authors can have a presence across all digital platforms by getting their message right.

Season 1, Episode #2: How To Market Your Book: Marketing And PR Tips With Expert Publicist, Nicole Dunn

Going back all the way to the very beginning of Season 1, this is still one of my favorite episodes. 

As the founder and CEO of Dunn Pellier Media, Nicole Dunn knows there is a balance between giving away too much or not giving enough when marketing your book. It’s a tricky balance to find. You don’t want to spoil the book by giving away too much, but you also want to give them enough to reel them in. But Nicole thrives on these kinds of puzzles. In this episode, she shares her take on how to find the balance and some nifty tricks you can use to find your sweet spot. 

Season 1, Episode #8: Misconceptions Of Social Media And Promoting Your Book With Jonathan Jacobs

Social media is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to book promotion. But just because you are on the platform(s), doesn’t mean it will work for you. You have to learn how to effectively use it, and what its pitfalls are. 

In this episode, Jonathan Jacobs, founding partner of Digital Natives Group, discusses how to leverage social media properly and how to build a presence as an author.

He even answers one of the biggest questions out there, “Why is it that many authors with large social media platforms tend to underperform when it comes to book sales?”

Season 2, Episode #31: Forget The “Amazon Bestseller”: Polly Letofsky Explains How You Can Power-Up Your Book Sales By Helping Amazon’s Algorithms Bring Ideal Readers To You

For the season finale of Season 2, I spoke to an expert on Amazon bestseller campaigns (who also happens to be one of my closest friends!). 

As owner of My Word Publishing, Polly Letofsky guides authors in publishing their books seamlessly, including Amazon Power Boost campaigns to help authors strengthen their position within Amazon’s algorithm. 

Polly sees bestseller status as a powerful marketing tool that can “power boost” your book and help it land in the hands of readers you most want to reach.

In this episode, Polly shares secrets about the backend Amazon optimization process that guarantee your book gets facetime with the ideal readers you don’t normally have access to. She offers practical tips on optimizing your keywords for the Amazon search engine and how you can stand out from the crowd with your titles. We even dive into why giving your book away for free on Amazon’s KDP can set you (and your bottom line) up for greater success.

Season 5, Episode #72: The 3-Point Formula For Successful Book Marketing With Dana Kaye

Book marketing can be scary and boring – just about the last thing that you want to take on. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With her innovative and creative tactics for publicity, Dana Kaye holds the key to a successful book marketing strategy. 

The founder of Kaye Publicity and author of the book Your Book, Your Brand: The Step-By-Step Guide to Launching Your Book and Boosting Your Sales, Dana has a tried and true 3 point formula for your book’s success, and she shares it all with us at The Author’s Corner. 

In this episode, Dana and I discuss how social media platforms can be a driving force on the road to making your book a best-seller. She also shares the latest, innovative social media platforms that you need to be on to reach your audiences and what role social media should play in boosting your sales. 

The Bottom Line is this: 

If you are struggling with (or wondering about) how to promote your book, check out these 5 episodes of The Author’s Corner and get the best book promotion tips from 5 world-class experts in the field.