The Author’s Corner: Season 4 In Review

If you missed some of The Author’s Corner Season 4 – have no fear! Here’s a quick description of each episode so you can find out which ones have the best tips for you. (And boy, are there a lot of tips!)

Episode #51: How Social Media Changes Our Past with Jason Steinhauer 

These days, there’s no escaping social media, and it certainly is shaping our experience in the now. But the surprising thing is: it’s actually influencing our past too. 

In this episode, I’m joined by author and historian Jason Steinhauer to discuss how the web reshapes the very foundation of what we know and how we think about the past. Plus, he shares why it matters for the present. 

Episode #52: Being the Only Woman in the Room with Sitcom Writer Susan Silver

Have you seen The Mary Tyler Moore Show? What about the Bob Newhart Show? Maude? 

 Susan Silver was a writer for all of these iconic shows in the early 1970s, a time when female sitcom writers were generally barred from the writers’ room. In this episode, she shares her experiences as the only woman in the room, and offers valuable insight into how to be a productive writer in any genre.

Episode #53: The Humorous Wins and Falls in One Author’s Book Journey with Randy Paterson

If you jump into writing a book with no guidance, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. In this episode, Randy Patterson reveals the many mistakes (as well as some impressive wins) of his journey to authorship. 

He shares invaluable nuggets of wisdom on every single stage of writing and publishing your book, from concept to pitching to publication. His stories are not only instructive, but entertaining too!

Episode #54: How to Brand like a Boss with Alexandra Watkins

Before I tell my clients to start writing their book, I make sure they consider how they’ll promote it. That’s right – before you put pen to paper, you have to know how you’re going to use your book to grow your main concern once it’s published. 

My guest in this episode is brand genius Alexandra Watkins. We discuss key promotion strategies to leverage your book, from making the most of book reviews, to how reviewing other authors’s books can be a stepping stone for you, and much, much more!

Episode #55: Write From the Heart, and Other Tips with Brad Kane 

I love speaking to authors about their journey to write a book. Each one is different, but there is always some nugget you to apply towards achieving your own aims. 

Brad Kane is a political powerhouse, but we don’t talk politics in this episode. He shares his journey in writing his book, Pitchfork Populism, and how he landed a deal with Prometheus Books. 

Episode #56: How Innovation Helps You Stand Out with Neil Kane

When you step into a bookstore, you see thousands of books lining the shelves. As an aspiring author, it can seem daunting. How do you stand out from the crowd? 

In this episode, Neil Kane joins me to give tips on how people can innovate and succeed in an overcrowded market. Plus, he shares tips from his own writing process and what comes next. 

Episode #57: Take Your Writing to the Next Level with Dwayne A. Thomas

If you want to be one of the best, then you have to be willing to learn. 

With a background in law and psychology, Dwayne A. Thomas offers great insight into what it takes to succeed. In this episode, he shares his favorite tips and tricks on how to up-level your writing and overcome blocks. 

Episode #58: Using Humor to Capture Audiences with John Hlinko

We’ve all come to rely on humor to cheer us up, especially in the last few years. We need an escape and a reason to laugh. But humor is also an important tool when it comes to sharing your message. 

In this episode, John Hlinko joins me to share how using humor can get people to pay attention to your message and enroll them in your ideas. He believes the key to gaining traction is spreading positivity (and a few laughs)!

Episode #59: Why Research Makes for a Better Book (and Makes You a Better Expert)

Research is a vital component of writing a book. Not only does it ensure that your book makes an impact in the present day; it also extends your book’s shelf life. Plus, the more research you do, the more you learn, and the better expert you’ll become. 

As an author, Ron Carucci is a big believer in doing his own research. We discuss why research is so important and the responsibility that authors have to speak the truth. He even shares tips for how authors can conduct their own original research!

Episode #60: The Future of Work with Jeff Wald

Work as we know it has changed forever, thanks in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic. Who could have predicted it? 

Turns out Jeff Wald did, in his book The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and Agile Corporations, which was published on June 2nd, 2020–just four months after the pandemic hit the U.S. In this episode, Jeff unpacks some of the trends that he’s predicted and how they actually turned out. Plus, he shares about how he prefers virtual book marketing and why!

Episode #61: Get Present to Occupy the Life YOU Want with Andrew McConnell  

We live in an era of constant distraction. According to Andrew McConnell, nearly 50% of the time, our minds are on something other than what we’re doing. Meaning, 50% of the time, we fail to be fully present. We vacate and rent out our minds to whatever shows up.

In this episode, Andrew shares how you can bring yourself back to the present and take back your mind! These are tips that you can use in your everyday life, as well as while writing your book. 

Episode #62: Why Writing a Textbook is Not Much Different Than Writing a Novel with John Kilpatrick

This is a topic we’ve never before discussed on The Author’s Corner: writing textbooks!

In this episode, John Kilpatrick takes us through his writing process and how he wrote an astounding 180,000 words in just one year. He shares countless writing tips, like why it’s important to speak to a very specific audience and (ironically) how being succinct can make your book a better read. 

Episode #63: Word Nerd Bliss with Valerie Fridland

I am a true word nerd. I love working with words. Even after a full day of wrestling with my client’s words, I decompress by playing Wordle, Spelling Bee, and doing the New York Times crossword puzzle!

But Valerie Fridland might be even a little more obsessed with words than I am! Listen in to this episode as Valerie and I geek out about words and how they evolve. She talks about obsolete words and words that younger generations have created, taking our language in new, clever directions. 

If you’re a word nerd geek like we are, or just curious about what on Earth is so fascinating about words, make sure you check out this episode. 

Episode #64: The Freedom (and Other Benefits) of Self-Publishing with Natasha Miller

One of the most common questions that I hear people ask is, “Should I self-publish or go for a traditional book deal?” While most of our clients go on to get traditional book deals, I am a firm believer that choosing a publishing route should always be a strategic decision, not one based in ego.

If you are wondering which route is best for you, you’ll want to check out this episode. 

Natasha Miller shares her decision to self-publish her memoir,  Relentless: Homeless Teen to Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream, and why she is thankful she did. We also dive into the importance of vulnerability and why this will lead your readers to trust you.

Episode #65: Get Your Ideas Out of Your Head and Onto the Page with Ali Binazir

The key to writing a book is starting to write it. No first draft has ever been perfect.  You have to start somewhere.

Ali Binazir has made it his life’s goal to let people know that they can write a book and publish it without a ton of suffering. In this episode, he takes us through the steps of writing a manuscript in 90-days, which includes baking marketing into the book from day one. 

Episode #66: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile with the Digital Conversationalist, Andrea T. Edwards

LinkedIn is one form of social media that many of us don’t know what to do with. But it’s one of the most powerful assets to build your author platform. This episode’s guest helps people figure out how. 

Luckily, Andrea Edwards has mastered the LinkedIn formula. Andrea divulges insider tips and tricks on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile from her first book, 18 Steps to an All-Star LinkedIn Profile. She shares how you can cultivate a meaningful presence through a mindset of service – your LinkedIn profile is not about you, it’s about your audience. 

Episode #67: How Writing and Publishing Your Work Transforms You with Albert Flynn Desilver

Writing is a path to self-awareness. The transformational effect of writing helps you to discover yourself. Through the process of writing a book, authors come away with a better understanding of who they are and what they truly believe. It also makes them better at communicating their value and the value of their work.

Albert Flynn DeSilver is a huge advocate of using writing for self-awareness. In this episode, we discuss the importance of mindfulness in writing. He shares some of the insights from his book and workshop, including the evolution of one’s voice.

Episode #68: Getting Your Book Made into a Movie or Vice Versa with Charlie Fusco

If you hope to one day have your book made into a major motion picture, then you need to understand the intricacies of the filmmaking industry. What goes on behind the scenes of adapting a book to movie is actually more complicated than you may think. 

Charlie Fusco has been in the film industry her entire life, so there’s no one better to learn from. Charlie and I dive into what it takes to make a book into a movie (and vice versa). And, we discuss a surprising topic: how the burgeoning world of streaming has created even more opportunities for artists and authors looking to break into film.

Episode #69: Tips for Promoting Your Book on Podcasts with Jeremy Slate

If you are an author looking to book more podcast interviews, or even launching your very own podcast, make sure you don’t miss out on this episode. 

Jeremy Slate is THE expert on podcasting. Through many trials and tribulations, he has learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to promoting through podcasts. He shares lots of tips on how to be the best podcast guest and/or host. We discuss what a good podcast experience should feel like, and he reveals keys to how great guests approach the conversation. Spoiler alert: it’s all about the audience!

Episode #70: How Stories Can Mend Our Broken Public Discourse with Lars Emmerich

Stories are powerful. Stories are how we create and derive meaning from the world around us. They are essential to developing diverse perspectives and fostering human empathy. But do they have the power to mend our broken public discourse? Lars Emmerich thinks so. 

In this episode, Lars and I discuss the status quo of divided public discourse and how we can begin to heal utilizing stories. He shares with us the story that shook his entire world and gave him a new understanding of the way our society works. 

Episode #71: Changing Lives Through Storytelling with Dennis Galloway

The topic of the season 4 finale of The Author’s Corner is especially topical: how stories have the power to change lives. 

Dennis Galloway has found inspiration in helping people realize how choices can create their future. Through his stories, he has imparted incredible wisdom about how our attitudes and perceptions have the capacity to change life as we know it. In this episode, Dennis and I discuss the power of storytelling, not just for other people, but internally as well. He dives into some of the nuggets of wisdom that have been the foundation of his novels, and shares stories from his own life that demonstrate that stories of miracles and magic aren’t limited to fiction.  


Stay tuned for an exciting Season 5! And if you missed the previous season, check out our Author’s Corner Season 3 recap blog!