Where Writers Find Inspiration

Everyone needs inspiration to write, but writers require it on a regular basis. Whether writing an article, novel, a business book, or blog post, writers need inspiration to create quality work that is worth reading. Writers often find their own sources of inspiration and creativity by following some simple guidelines, which I’ll cover in this blog post.

Here are 8 ways you can find inspiration for your next piece of work:

1) Read Other Writers’ Work

Reading is a great way to disengage from your work and explore the mind of another author. As the saying goes, great writers are also great readers. And by being an avid reader, you open your mind up to ideas you may have never thought of.

Whether you’re a fiction writer or a non-fiction author, you should never underestimate the power of a well-written story. Studies show that people resonate deeply with stories rich in visual imagery that makes the reader feel like they are part of the journey.

What better way to craft compelling stories than to read and analyze them for yourself!

2) Get Out into Nature

Fresh air, big trees, and a relaxed pace is all I need to clear my mind and allow new ideas, perspectives, and connections to form. Even the freest and most creative thinkers will run into mental fatigue from time to time. When this happens, it might mean a change of scenery away from office life and into the forest or a nice long walk on the beach.

We’ve been conditioned to fear this type of ‘escape’ as it appears to infringe on our productivity. The truth is, however, that getting out into nature will actually have a positive impact on your productivity. This is because when you allow your mind to relax and recharge, it has an opportunity to sort and categorize everything you’ve been learning. The result is that your brain is not only rested, it’s better able to think creatively, form new connections, and find new ways to engage your reader.

3) Join a Writer’s Group

Joining a writers’ group can be an invaluable source of inspiration. Sharing ideas, and holding one another accountable are just two ways in which a writer’s group can help you be not only inspired, but productive as well. My only caveat to joining a writer’s group is, if you want to use the group to grow and improve as a writer, select one that has a leader who is an experienced, professional writer. A writers’ group without a leader can turn into a situation of “the blind leading the blind.”

That said, even the most experienced writers may find that joining a writers’ group is an excellent way to get inspired and learn new things.

4) Listen to Music

Listening to uplifting music can stimulate creativity and elevate your mood. Subdued music can help you access deeper emotions and bring them to the surface. Whichever outcome you seek, listening to music can help you with your writing, so you can produce top-quality work.

Some like to listen to music while they write, others like to keep the music off to maintain complete, distraction-free silence in the room. Either strategy works.

5) Read Poetry

Poetry is an excellent way for writers who are feeling at a loss for words or ideas to tap into their creativity again by immersing themselves into the power of imagery which can take writers into dimensions that they didn’t even know existed!

I personally love reading and writing poetry because it enables me to slow down and get out of my analytical, literal mind and play and experiment with metaphor and simile.

6) Write Every Day, No matter What the Topic Is

You may not be a writer by profession, most of our clients aren’t writers at all. They are experts who choose to author a book. Whether you write in your spare time or as part of your job, consistent writing is essential. It doesn’t matter why you write. The act of putting pen to paper will help you clear your mind, expel negativity, document gratitude, and open up new worlds and perspectives that would otherwise remain hidden. And there’s no better way to explore those worlds than by writing every day.

You might be thinking: “But I can’t always find inspiration to write.” That’s exactly the point! When you make it a point to write, even just a few pages a day, you’ll surprise yourself. You’ll find new ideas, new solutions, uncover new truths about who you are, your current life, and your dreams..

The writers who are most successful and prolific aren’t necessarily those who can always find inspiration; they’re the writers who never give up on finding it no matter how long it takes!  So, write every day – whether you feel like it or not. You’ll be surprised by what happens next!

7) Keep a Journal with Details about Your Day

Keeping a journal is one of the easiest ways to stay inspired, not only in writing, but in life. You can jot down your thoughts about anything that’s on your mind. Whether it’s something you did during the day, or an idea for a future piece.  The more detailed these entries are, the better! I’ve often come across a journal entry I made months earlier that contained an experience I’d forgotten, but I was so happy to find it and recall the event!

8) Write First Thing in the Morning

The first few hours of the morning are generally the most favorable hours for writing.  This is because, according to research done by Dr. Jeffrey Ellenbogen at Harvard Medical School, “the mind-wandering that occurs during this period allows people to consider new ideas and generate creative thoughts.”  The subconscious mind works best in the early morning hours, when it’s not bogged down with tasks or responsibilities. So, writers should take advantage of these moments by finding a quiet place where they can freely write without interruption.  Even if you don’t feel like you’re getting any work done right now, your subconscious mind will continue to process information even after you stop focusing on it, This means that you could find inspiration later on in the day!


The Bottom Line:

Writers can stay inspired by adopting a daily writing discipline as well as a balanced, healthy lifestyle. While “write a lot” is good advice for any aspiring author, taking time to get out into nature, explore the other creative arts, and connect with like-minded people is just as important to keeping your inspiration flowing!