Self-Publishing Success Tips

Whether you self-publish or go traditional, you’ll want to get these self-publishing success tips.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a shift in attitude towards self-publishing. No longer is it a consolation prize for those who couldn’t get traditional book deals. Now, it’s a valid strategic choice. You can self-publish to produce an authority piece that supports your expertise and boosts your business. 

If you’re thinking about self-publishing your book, or you’ve already self-published and want a leg up on good marketing strategy, listen to these three episodes of The Author’s Corner. Each guest shares their top self-publishing success tips and the many ways they’ve benefited.

Season 3, Episode #37 – Super Sales For Self-Publishers And Other Author Success Tips With Julie Broad

If you only listen to one episode on self-publishing, listen to this one. 

Julie Broad is the President of Book Launchers, a self-publishing services firm, and a successful self-published author with her latest work, Self-Publish & Succeed: The No Boring Books Way to Writing a Non-Fiction Book that Sells. After being turned away by a traditional publisher who said she didn’t have the platform to sell books, Julie self-published and made her “unsellable” idea into a #1 on-all-of-Amazon bestseller. 

In this episode, Julie shares her favorite marketing tips for self-published authors. Plus, she touches on the most common pitfalls and mistakes authors make, especially when it comes to book launches. 

Season 4, Episode #64 – The Freedom (And Other Benefits) Of Self-Publishing With Natasha Miller

Choosing between going for a traditional publishing deal and self-publishing is a crucial decision. Each route has pros and cons, but one thing is certain: your decision should NEVER be based on ego. 

My guest in this episode, Natasha Miller, is living proof of why this choice is crucial. Natasha chose to self-publish her memoir, Relentless: Homeless Teen to Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream, and is glad that she did.

Natasha shares why she is so thankful that she went with self-publishing, and how she ultimately ended up with a much stronger story because of it. She also divulges brilliant strategies for writing and marketing a memoir. 

Season 4, Episode #65 – Get Your Ideas Out Of Your Head And Onto The Page With Dr. Ali Binazir

My guest in this episode is no stranger to self-publishing. Dr. Ali Binazir has self published four books, including The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible, which has been the #1-rated dating book on Amazon for 7 years.

In this conversation, we dive deep into the world of self-publishing and how the gatekeeper system of traditional publishing is not always the best route to tread. He also offers helpful tips on how to bake marketing into your book and how to boost your book’s recommend-ability. 

The Bottom Line is this: 

If you’re going the self-published route, check out these 3 episodes of The Author’s Corner and get terrific self-publishing success tips for when you are ready to write, publish, and sell your self-published book.