The Author’s Corner: Our Season 1 in Review

Wow! What a season it’s been! My podcast, The Author’s Corner, debuted in January 2021, and since then, I’ve had 12 brilliant experts on the show, whose specializations range from publishing to social media to publicity to business to activism. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have all these guests on the air with me.

And I want to say “thank you” to all my listeners who have been tuning in for these conversations! The show wouldn’t be worth doing without all of you. I hope you’ve found the discussions as engaging and fun as I have.

Before we begin Season 2 (on May 6th!), here’s a little recap of each episode and some highlights.

If you haven’t listened to the first season yet, now’s your chance.

Let’s take a look at the insightful conversations we’ve already had:

Get Your Message Right: Keeping It Clear and Focused for All Platforms with Jill Lublin

This was a fun one, and what a way to launch! Jill is a public relations expert, bestselling author, and a longtime friend of mine. In this episode, she shares some great insights on how authors can have a presence across all digital platforms by getting their message right.

She also shares a sneak peek into her latest book, The Profit of Kindness, revealing (and correcting) some of the myths about publicity so you can take the right actions towards promoting your own book.

How to Market Your Book: Marketing and PR Tips with Expert Publicist, Nicole Dunn

Building off the conversation from the previous week with Jill Lublin, Nicole and I unpack the tricky balance when marketing a book and discuss how to find the sweet spot between giving just enough to reel people in without giving away too much.

Nicole is the founder and CEO of Dunn Pellier Media, which has been providing PR and media services for clients in the health, wellness, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle industries since 2008. Her company has a lot of satisfied customers – including some bestselling authors.

Tune in for some timeless marketing and PR tips that you can employ right away to start promoting your book, even if it’s not written yet.

The Issue of Whiteness in Publishing with Heather Jackson

This episode is so important (and timelier than ever).

I speak with literary agent, Heather Jackson on Whiteness in Publishing, a perennial disparity that the publishing industry appears ready to address.

We discuss Black Lives Matter and the protests in the wake of the George Floyd murder and what it means for the predominantly white publishing industry when it comes to fostering diversity and confronting racial inequality.

We explore this pervasive issue from different angles and discuss possible solutions for the future of diversity in publishing.

Let Love In: A Tenth Year Retrospective with Debra Maldonado

Ah, this was a fun one. Debra Maldando is my close friend, former client, and the bestselling author of Let Love In. Her book was published in 2010 by John Wiley & Sons and was an absolute success!

In listening to this episode, you’ll get a rare insight into some of the long-term benefits of authorship. I wanted to do this episode because too often, we only hear from authors about the immediate benefits of publishing. This episode describes how an author’s success compounds over time.

Getting the Final Touches of Your Book Right with Kim Kohatsu of PickFu

I can’t even tell you how often the wrong title, subtitle, or cover design becomes an author’s undoing. No matter how great your content is, if you don’t get those right, your book’s dead in the water. To help you avoid these misfires, I invited Kim Kohatsu, the Chief Marketing Officer of PickFu. PickFu is a market research firm that has affordable solutions for authors who want to test cover designs and titles before they go to press.

These key insights can make all the difference in positioning yourself as the premiere thought leader in your field.

How to Capitalize on the Audiobook Renaissance with Tina Dietz

Audiobook sales is the most rapidly growing segment of the publishing industry. So how can you capitalize on this massive opportunity?

Tina Dietz, audiobook publisher and vocal leadership expert reveals all and explains the myriad of ways audiobooks are the new “golden goose” in publishing.

Lisa Pezik on The Right Balance Between Course Creation and Launching a Book

For authors who want to maximize the profits from their books, this is a must-listen!

I always say that the opportunities to make money through authorship go so far beyond book sales. One of the best ways to maximize profitability when releasing a book is through course creation. It allows you not only to connect with your readers on a deeper level but also to dissect your knowledge into easy-to-digest ideas. Plus, you can sell the same information that’s in your book at 100x to 1000x (or more) above the cover price.

I speak with Lisa Pezik, business strategist, speaker, and a great resource to get help creating your own online course. We discuss the importance of allowing your genuine self to reflect in your course offers, the right way to price an intangible item like an online course, as well as the best timing to pursue these new revenue streams.

Misconceptions of Social Media and Promoting Your Book with Jonathan Jacobs

Social media is unavoidable in the 21st century. Despite its pitfalls, social media has helped brands boost their marketing, and it can be a valuable tool in promoting your book. But how do you effectively utilize it?

I speak with Jonathan Jacobs, the founding partner of Digital Natives Group. We discuss how to best leverage social media, how to build an author presence, and how to create lasting relationships and find your best cheerleaders.

A highlight is that Jonathan answers one of the biggest questions out there, “Why is it that many authors with large social media platforms underperform when it comes to book sales?”

 A Former Dominatrix’s Guide to Conquering Self-Doubt in Your Journey of Becoming an Author with Dana Pharant

Confidence is key.

Imposter syndrome is common among authors, especially while they’re in the process of writing and publishing their first (or next) book.

Dana Pharant, business performance coach and former dominatrix has some great ideas on ways we can counter self-doubt and keep moving towards our goals. Dana shares some great strategies that can help you continue to write, break through writer’s block, and employ your book to expand your brand and business.

Mike Michalowicz on The Best Ways to Optimize Authorship Returns

In this episode, bestselling author of 7 books, (including one of my favorite books of all time, Profit First), Mike Michalowicz joins me for a conversation on how to turn your book into a revenue generating machine.

He gives a lot of good tidbits, including strategies to make yourself and your books visible in the competitive market, and how books have a lasting power to keep you top-of-mind when they are offered as event memorabilia.

Mike is one interesting guy. He founded and sold two multimillion-dollar companies by his 35th birthday. He proceeded to become a small business Angel investor, only to lost his entire fortune, which led him to writing the bestselling book, Profit Book, which has been used by countless companies across the globe (including my own) to drive profits.

Unleashing Your Innovative Genius: Redesigning the Education System with Deborah Olatunji

There’s no doubt that the American education system is flawed. But where do we begin in reforming it? How do we ensure students leave the system prepared for life outside of school?

I speak with Deborah Olatunji, a student, author, and activist. Deborah published her first book, Unleashing Your Innovative Genius, while still in the throes of high school. She wants to inspire students to take control of their own education and redesign the system to work for them.

The Right Strategies for Approaching Authorship Challenges with Edie Raether

Our season finale featured Edie Raehter, bestselling author, renowned keynote speaker, and expert on stepping into your greatest potential. In the course of writing your book and becoming an author, you’re bound to run into some roadblocks. But if you’re determined and resilient, then nothing can stop you from getting your message into the world.

Edie talks about the editing process, and how important it is to find the right people to collaborate with. She also reveals how to use hindsight to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the opportunities that come your way.

 It’s A Wrap!

This concludes our first season wrap-up of The Author’s Corner. As you can see, we covered a wide range of topics with a large variety of experts on the subjects. I know I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with each of them. And I’m so excited for the guests I have lined up for the next season!

Be sure to check out our season premiere episode on May 6, 2021. Without giving away too much, let’s just say I speak with a true Renaissance man on innovation in publishing.

Thank you for tuning in on a great season, and here’s to the next!

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