The Author’s Corner: Our Season 2 In Review

Time flies; just like that, season 2 of my podcast, The Author’s Corner, is complete!

Every week, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some amazing experts (many of whom are also dear friends!). Each episode is packed full of tips, tricks, and insights that can put you on the path to authorship, publication, and success.

I’ve received a number of emails from our listeners sharing about some of the value they’ve received, and I’m delighted! Please keep those emails coming! 

Before you join me for what I’m sure will be another phenomenal season (starting October 14th, 2021), here’s a quick recap of Season 2 and some of its priceless insights.

The Career Toolkit and a New Wave of Innovation in Publishing with Mark Herschberg

My first episode of the season featured my good friend and author of The Career Toolkit, Mark Herschberg.

Publishing is no longer just a business of selling books; it’s a business of selling content. Mark is leading the charge in that next wave of innovation. Marrying his technology background with his author aspirations, Mark is developing an app that will take the book beyond the pages that it is contained in, making content available to audiences in unprecedented ways.

Mark and I discuss his exciting new project and he shares how authors can utilize it to market their books and other services.  

The Art of Storytelling and Capturing People’s Attention with Kylie Slavik

If you’re struggling with finding your authentic voice in marketing copy, this one’s for you!

Storytelling is one of humanity’s oldest means of communicating and ultimately, what brings us all together. Thus, storytelling shouldn’t stop when you’ve finished your book; you also can use it as  a powerful tool in marketing.

I am joined by former spoken word artist and marketing wizard Kylie Slavik. She shares the brain chemistry of how a good story (both in your book and in your marketing) can make your audience bond with you and want to buy from you.  

How Your Book Can Be a Tool as it Grows Your Business with Lisa Danylchuk

Many of my clients come to me because they’re not only interested in growing their business; they want to change the world. My guest in this episode is one role model for how you can use your book to do both. 

Lisa Danylchuk, a licensed psychotherapist and yoga teacher trainer, used her book, Yoga For Trauma Recovery, as a framework to create her own ecosystem, including accredited online training programs where she teaches other service providers how to use yoga to help their clients heal from trauma.

Lisa and I discuss her writing process and how she turned her book into a mechanism to help people all over the world. If that’s your goal too, then don’t miss out on this chance to learn helpful tips to move you in the right direction.

Want Marketing Success? Use The Six Minute Webinar with Don McGrath

My guest in this episode is a former client and a good friend, and the creator of a very cool tool, the 6-Minute Webinar, a technology that generates a webinar script just for you, coupled with an online course to help you implement.

Don shares his secret for how to create powerful, effective messaging that moves people to action. His formula is easy to use and will change the way you approach webinar creation.

Tap Your Creative Genius and Conquer Writer’s Block with Samantha Bennett

Writer’s block got you down? Then this is the episode for you.  

I’m once again joined by my good friend, Sam Bennett, as she taps into her expertise at helping people break down their creative blocks and make the most of their ideas. She is the best-selling author of Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day and founded the Organized Artist Company.

In this episode, she shares some of her strategies for breaking down creative blocks, from index cards to believing in yourself. We talk about what it means to “trust the process” and how to build the necessary momentum to harness your creative genius and get your project off the ground.

Speakers’ Reboot: Income Generating Innovations for Author/Speakers in a World Still Impacted by COVID with Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way we do things across all areas of life. Public speaking and those who depend on it for income has taken an especially big hit. We can no longer gather in large crowds indoors, and experts across fields have been forced to pivot to a new virtual environment.

Orvel Ray Wilson, speaker and co-author of six of the Guerilla Marketing books, helps experts adapt to this new world to develop their unique message and get it out there. In our conversation, he shares how writing a book can open doors to lots of other opportunities. He also divulges his secrets for speakers in the era of COVID.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Initiatives and Challenges in Big 5 Publishing with Carrie Bloxson

This is so important, especially in the current climate.

I speak with Carrie Bloxson, VP of Diversity and Inclusion at Hachette, about the role of diversity in business. Carrie believes that diversity is a necessary business objective that is not only good for employees, but also helps a company’s bottom line.

Carrie has devoted her career to moving the needle forward on diversity issues and, like me, is extremely passionate about making DEI into tangible outcomes. Though many publishers have committed to making changes, there’s still a lot to be done. Listen in to get the latest on DEI initiatives in publishing.  

Reimagining Pricing and Sales: Empowering Women Business Owners with Patty Block

As a woman with her own business, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to feel stuck in stagnant revenue. The self-employed wage gap is real and it is a result of limiting beliefs that keep female entrepreneurs from capitalizing on their business.

That’s where Patty Block comes into play. Patty founded The Block Group to help women “generate more revenue with less stress,” breaking down barriers and achieving the success they have always dreamed of.

We discuss the most common limiting beliefs women have, the importance of the “ideal buyer,” and so many more helpful insights when it comes to empowering women business owners.

Book PR Myths You May Not Know About and How to be Your Book’s Best Publicist with Kim Corbin

For many authors, publicity and PR is our worst nightmare. It can seem daunting, especially with your first book, but my guest this week is here to assuage all your fears

Kim Corbin, Senior Publicist at New World Library, says that unrealistic expectations about how challenging it can be to get publicity are the #1 misconception new authors have about PR.

Together, we bust myths about publicity and book promotion in publishing houses and divulge how you can successfully bring your book to market stress-free.

Simple Secrets to Kick-Start Your Author Career by Writing Articles for Top Publications with Susan Shapiro

This episode is filled with golden nuggets…

Susan Shapiro wears many hats, from acclaimed poet and author to teacher. She published her first book at 43 and has since published 16 others, and with so much experience under her belt, she’s made all the publication mistakes so that you don’t have to.

We talk about the collaborative process that requires enormous vulnerability and Susan shares her secrets to crafting an article that top publications will want to buy. With these unique insights, you’ll be well on your way to launching your author career.

How Community-Building is the Long-Term Secret to Success with Charles Vogl

If there’s one thing we have learned from the pandemic, it’s the importance of community. As an author, community is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. And yet many new authors shy away from engaging with community during the writing process and only focus on actually building it when it’s time to launch their book.

My guest this week, Charles Vogl, is here to change that. Charles is a bona fide community expert with two award-winning books on the subject: The Art of Community and Building Brand Communities. He argues that the central problem is our very understanding of community.

In this interview, Charles shares why creating deep, meaningful connections is essential and how sustaining community is an important aspect of today’s social norm. His insights will help you become a community-building leader that guarantees you and your book will make an impact.

You Got a Media Booking, Now What?!: Media Trainer Suzanne Sena Shares How to Make a Great Impression and Get Your Message Across

Are you at a loss when it comes to building your platform?

In this episode, Emmy nominated TV host Suzanne Sena joins me for a fun discussion on how to maximize your platform and do a killer TV interview. As a lifetime broadcaster and top media trainer, Suzanne is an expert at building trust and credibility in the eyes of the audience.

Suzanne shares so many helpful strategies to build rapport and come across as relatable, as well as the most common mistakes authors make when it comes to navigating media appearances. She even delves into the world of remote interviews and shares a few easy ways to take your Zoom appearances to the next level.

The 9 Crucial Questions to Ask ANY Publisher Before You Sign on the Dotted Line with Jenn T Grace

If you’re a first-time author searching for a publisher, listen to the this episode BEFORE you sign away your rights.  

I have seen too many authors taken advantage of by predatory publishers. Not only do they hurt their finances and break their heart, but they also impact their ability to use their own intellectual property.

Tired of seeing this pattern, Jenn T Grace founded Publish Your Purpose – a hybrid publishing company that gives first-time authors the insight they need to mark their place in the publishing world.

Jenn shares the major red flags every author should look out for and the 9 questions you should always ask a prospective publisher. Don’t rush into anything too quick; take the time to ask the right questions and save yourself time, money, and heartbreak.

The Long Game: How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World with Dorie Clark

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Getting traction for your book can feel daunting and like it just isn’t working, but my guest Dorie Clark is committed to helping you learn how to play the long game.

Dorie is a lauded author, speaker, and an “expert at self-reinvention.” Her newest book, The Long Game, distills the principles and frameworks guaranteed to help you build a long enough runway to accomplish anything you set out to do.

In this fun and relatable conversation, we discuss the importance of celebrating the small successes that signal you are moving in the right direction, but also identifying when you need to re-evaluate your goals and outcomes. This episode will change your mindset and set you up to play the long game to success.

Access To Anyone: How to Create a Referable Brand with Michael Roderick

This episode is applicable to every author, and it contains one of the most valuable insights into the art of writing.

“You” is one of the most persuasive words you can use for one reason: people care most about themselves.

My guest this week, Michael Roderick, thinks that crafting a referrable brand relies less on traditional networking and more on others doing it for you. As an expert on relationship strategy and CEO of Small Pond Enterprises, he helps his clients create Referable Brands, memorable messaging, and unforgettable ideas.

Join in as he shares how you can translate your book into a referrable brand and find spaces where you stand out.

Nonfiction Writers Need Community Too!: Stephanie Chandler Shares Innovations that Support Nonfiction Writers and Authors

In this episode, we build on the conversation about community with Stephanie Chandler, the founder and CEO of Nonfiction Authors Association. She shares her story of why she felt she needed to create a community for nonfiction authors and how she sustained it: eleven years later, it’s still going strong!

As an aspiring nonfiction author, this is your chance to become part of something larger and get support from hundreds of members who, at some point in time, felt they were alone in the nonfiction world. Listen in to hear more about the association, plus get major tips for book marketing success.

The Secret to Your Book’s Success: Be Strategic! with Sam Horn

Want the secret to your book’s success?

Hint: it’s all about strategy.

This week’s guest is Sam Horn, bestselling author and founder/CEO of The Intrigue Agency. She shares key tips and tricks to making your book “evergreen” – a book that continues to secure its spot on the shelf because of its enduring message and sales.

Sam has been called “one of the… most accessible wisdom-sharers in our culture today,” so don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best and brightest. We dive deep into the “W-5” of strategic book writing and the importance of writing with a sense of urgency. We utilize many of these same ideas in the R Colucci process, which has led to great successes for our author clients.

The Time Cleanse: Steven Griffith Shares How You Can Overcome the Oldest Excuse in The Book For Why You Aren’t Writing

I’ve heard it from my clients time and time again: “I just don’t have the time!”

This week, I’m joined by yet another good friend, Steven Griffith, a nationally recognized expert author, speaker, researcher, and performance expert. He is considered a top authority on the connection between time, productivity, and performance. He has used his expertise to help thousands of people reimagine time as the important relationship that helps them manifest and spread their message into the world.

In this episode, Steve gives you the steps you need to take to shift your relationship with time. It’s time to stop seeing time as the enemy and re-envision it as a valuable asset.

Forget The “Amazon Bestseller”: Polly Letofsky Explains How You Can Power Up Your Book Sales by Helping Amazon’s Algorithms Bring Ideal Readers to You

We wrap up the season with one of my best friends and a colleague that I work closely with. Polly Letofsky is the founder of My Word Publishing, a self-publishing company where authors hold all creative control, maintain all distribution rights, and keep all the profits. Her Amazon Power Boost campaigns has helped countless authors strengthen their position within Amazon’s algorithm and shoot up to bestseller status.

In our conversation, she shares the backend Amazon optimization secrets that no one wants you to know. Even better, she offers tangible tips that you can put to use in your own journey to becoming a best-selling author!

So that concludes Season 2 of The Author’s Corner wrap-up.

Thanks again to all of my listeners and fans – though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every opportunity to speak with these awesome humans, I’m doing it all for YOU!

I hope you’ll join us next season, starting October 14th, 2021, for even more incredible guests and insights into the writing process, the publishing industry, and so much more.

See you soon!